Flight Computer

To have data about the rocket performance a flight computer was developed. The flight computer allows us to measure and record barometric pressure, acceleration and angular velocity during flight. It also allows us to ignite the engine and the charge that triggers the parachute. All the data is stored locally and is also sent via radio in real time. At the end of the flight we can also get the location of the rocket.
On this page I talk about the hardware used, the software developed for the flight computer and the GUI to interact with the computer.


The flight computer consists of:

  • An esp32;
  • A BMP180 to measure the barometric pressure;
  • A MPU6050 to obtain acceleration and angular velocity;
  • A microsd socket for recording data;
  • A LoRa SX1278 to send data via radio in real time;


The firmware is developed in the arduino framework, running FreeRTOS as the operating system.
To interact with the rocket a web interface was developed, as shown in the screenshot.