Last Engine Static Test

The last static test was the first test of the V2 Engine, the engine we are currently developing. A much higher power than the V1 Engine is verified. We had a burn time of 1646ms and a maximum force of 140.4N.


Simple Flight

So far, we have done only one flight test. The engine used was the V1 Engine. No electronics or fuselage was used. We only made use of a rod to ensure stability for the engine during flight.  The rocket was not found. It probably went into orbit.


V2 Engine

Under development, this is our newest engine. The propellant used is KNSB. Its combustion chamber is made of aluminum and has larger dimensions than the V1 Engine.
We hope it will be our first engine to equip a rocket.


Test Stand

High, consistent and predictable performance is our goal. To evaluate this, we built a test stand, with wifi connectivity, that communicates with a central server. There is also a web interface that provides control and data visualization of the burn process.
The same test stand will be used as a base station for future launches.