This project intends to design, build, and test very small-scale solid propellant rocket engines that will later equip rockets developed by us.
High, consistent and predictable performance is our goal. Therefore, we aim to have a good quality manufacture and design of the engines. To evaluate the performance, we built a test stand, with wifi connectivity, that communicates with a central server. There is also a web interface that provides control and data visualization of the burn process.
The same test stand will be used as a base station for future launches.
We deal with miscellaneous knowledge areas like chemistry, physics, mechanics, electronics and software programming. All hardware and software is developed specifficaly for this project.
Aerospace engineering is not a monster. This project demonstrates that with few resources it is possible to develop very small-scale engines that resemble the real big ones.


  • Ingrenor: For the offer of sorbitol for the production of propellant;
  • JGomes: For welding works;
  • G9Telecom: For telecommunications and software resources;
  • Web community: For practical and theoretical knowledge;

Tiago Alves – Project leader

E-mail: tiago.alves@g9telecom.pt

Instagram/Twitter: @tiagoaralves

Mel – Solar orbit controller

E-mail: mel.alves@g9telecom.pt

Axel – Security Chief

E-mail: axel.alves@g9telecom.pt