V2 Engine

The V2 engine is the rocket engine currently under development.
The propellant is melted KNSB (65% potassium nitrate and 35% sorbitol). The engine chamber is made of aluminum. At the moment we test the engine with two nozzles. It was the first engine to be tested on the new test stand.

Engine Chamber

The engine chamber is made of aluminum, cylindrical and with a welded end. Similar to the V1 engine but with different dimensions. It has an inner diameter of 28mm and an inner length of approximately 140mm (125mm grain). The nozzle is fixed to the chamber with a circlip.

Engine Nozzles

Nozzle 1

This was the first nozzle to be made. It is a steel nozzle with the theoretically exact dimensions for the best performance with the propellant in question. It ended up being used only once, as the material was incandescent. It was made to take one high temperature o-ring to prevent pressure losses.

Nozzle 2

Nozzle with the same internal geometry as nozzle 1, but made of stainless steel. The design was changed to facilitate manufacturing.

All the tests of these rockets and their performance data can be found on the tests page.